The Joy of Living is Giving!

Dudley's proudly supports local fundraising efforts.


  • We loved the fundraiser so much that we are scheduled to do it again. You are efficient and the bread is yummy! B.K., Fullerton, CA
  • We look forward to the Dudley's fundraiser every year. It is the easiest fundraiser to organize and the students get a lot of profit from the bread sales. The bread basically sells itself! We love picking up the bread and sorting it because the smell of the fresh bread is to die for. The unique flavors are one-of-a-kind and people are always asking us when our next Dudley's fundraiser will be. When thinking about the fundraisers for the year, Dudley's is always at the top of the list. C.M., Westview High, Mesa Verde Middle School.
  • Using Dudley's Bakery for a fundraiser was a huge success for our school. Students were able to earn their whole way to 6th grade camp based on this fundraiser alone! You were exceedingly patient with my late orders, and extremely efficient in the hundreds of loaves of bread that we picked up from you! I look forward to using Dudley's in the future!!! T.R., Hill Creek School

Fundraiser Guidelines

  • ATTENTION: Please see the Updated Fundraiser Guidelines as of May 2018.
  • We have done thousands of fundraisers over the years!
  • We now offer DELIVERY for fundraisers!
  • Fundraiser pickups occur on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.
  • Pickups only occur between 11am and 2pm.
  • Please READ ALL of the guidelines to ensure satisfaction!
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