The Original Dudley's Bakery

50 years of delicious history!

Dudley's Bakery was founded in 1963 by the late Mr. Dudley Pratt (pictured at left). At the time, Mr. Pratt was a 53-year old expert baker who had previously operated a bakery in El Cajon, California. Upon deciding to build a new bakery in Santa Ysabel, he met a lot of skepticism from those who thought the bakery was just "too far away."

Luckily for us, Mr. Pratt took the risk. Soon thereafter people from both near and far traveled to taste Dudley's enormous (43 types!) and delicious selection of breads, fruit bars, and pastries.

Dudley's bread was inspired largely by the travels of Mr. Pratt, who would close the store for 2 months every summer and explore Europe. He would search for unique and delicious breads at bakeries, cafes and fairs, adapt and perfect them, and then make them available to his customers.

Mr. Pratt passed away ten years after founding the Bakery, in 1973. Dudley's has always and continues to strive to maintain the same operating ethos that Mr. Pratt established during his "Dudley's Decade." Quality, taste, uniqueness, and freshness have always been the hallmark of Dudley's Bakery.

Thanks to his hard work, and the continuing work of our dedicated and talented artisans, Dudley's Bakery now produces thousands of loaves per day, and provides delicious products to a growing number of grocers and specialty shops (see the list here). We invite you to visit the beautiful Santa Ysabel valley, home to Dudley's Bakery and breathtaking scenery, historical attractions, and excursions. As always, we are located at the intersection of State Routes 78 and 79.

Please stop by and try our breads, we'll get the oven warmed up for you! For directions to Dudley's, click here.